Sunday, May 4

Tibet and the Beijing Olympics 2008

Tibet and Beijing Olympic seems become another hot issue recently.Some western countries have create tension by using the human right issue towards the hitorical sport event's organizer. Sometime I am wondering why Dalai want to raise the independant's matter during this time? Isnt that he is a monk! Why involved in politics? And why those countries tend to boycott the Beijing Olympics because of it's China's interior matter? What is the motive behind?...I think this is not good to manipulate the human right issue and fail the sporting event! Go and fight China and dont disturb the Olympics!!
Anyhow, This issue is a bit complicated for an ordinary man, like me. So, I better keep my mouth shut!

When the Tibet issue become the topic for the whole world, it just happened that I have so many Tibet's Thanka painting to be frame recently. Even the walk in customer offered much higher price to buy from my another customer's thanka painting (which is framed in my gallery). Suddenly, Thanka painting becomes a popular painting! ( I dont know if Christie's has noticed that!) Previously nobody want it here because those painting are more on religious, the monk has blessed and prayed on the painting. So, only buddist like me will keep it. But now, it is selling like hot cake! I had framed about 10 pieces of thanka painting in the last 2 weeks. I think I want to sell the one that I hang in my room. I will use that money to buy a PDA!

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julie king said...

it is sad that politics has to enter into the olympic world of sport but it seems to be the nature of the world that we live in. the good news is that your thanka paintings are now selling. it is the silver lining in the cloud, i guess. hope this sales trend continues for you!

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