Thursday, January 28

for Cats & Dogs Lovers

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The Dog
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So Happy, c.1958
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Holiday by Rail
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Boston's Best Cream Pie
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Pug Orange Juice
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Chat Noir
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Wednesday, January 13

Family Photo Grouping and Canvas Art at the Cove

The last project of year 2009, we completed a framing of family photo grouping and canvas art for a beach condominium at Tanjung Bungah, Penang; The Cove.

The random photo arrangement is to match the wall decor on the same wall.

On the other side of the wall panel, a canvas art is chosen from Red, Black and Grey design to match the interior color scheme.

In the corridor to the rooms, another design from to match with the warm earth tone.

Wednesday, January 6

Framing Signed Sports Jerseys

hi, our year starts with a few framing of signed sports jerseys .. from Manchester United, Liverpool, PSV ... the framing work involves sewing the jerseys to a fabric base and some with special background design.

Here are a few shots of the sewing work ...

Please come back, for the framing result. We will upload the photo once it is done!

Be patient ...

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