Saturday, July 23

Manny Pacquiao Boxing Gloves and T-Shirt Frame

During the past few weeks, we have been busy in framing sports jersey of Manchester United and now framing boxing gloves and t-shirt of Manny Pacquiao, the world No.1 Pound for Pound Boxer. Our client, requested the background to come with design and matching style.

Please click on the photo to get a larger view.

Indian Embroidery

We have just completed framing a few pieces of delicate Indian embroidery. We attached the embroidery to the velvet base and added elegant silver leaf frames, giving it a prestige finishing. 

Please click on each picture to get a larger view. 
framing with different depth, embroidery is on the higher layer of base 

multi-frames, inner silver liner frames to highlight the embroidery

and here is the man behind the scene!

Saturday, July 2

Baby Hand and Feet Mold Shadow Box

Shadow box for baby hand and feet mold plaster casting.  

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