Thursday, February 28

Framed Your Key Chains

Always we like to bring back some key chains from the places we visited, as a memory or souvenirs to our friends. Yes, I received quite a lot of key chains and little fridge magnet PVC from friends when they back from oversea.

Have you ever think of what to do with these little souvenirs? Are you still keeping them inside your drawers? 

One client brought to us about 40 plus key chains from all over the world last month. We decided to add in their travelling photos in the frame, making it a combination of photos and objects framing. Wow, that was another interesting work of how to display the key chains inside a frame. Let's see the outcome:

Arrangement of the souvenirs
Arrangement of the souvenirs

Key Chains from Asia countries
Key chains from Asia countries
From Walt Disney
From Walt Disney US

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