Tuesday, March 31


We love AmsterdamAmsterdam is a wonderful city. The city has great character, and a tremendous sense of history. We found the Dutchmen are wonderfully friendly, and charming people, who made us feel welcome when we were there 2 years ago.

The loveliest memory we have of our stay in the Netherlands was the ORANGE colour...we see thiscolour everywhere in Amsterdam. See, what we had there! 

Thursday, March 19

Story Board Wedding Photo

A frame that tell a romantic story. 
This frame size is about 5 ft long by 1 ft high. 
with each photo floating in the frame ...

Thursday, March 5

Large canvas Framing

Work in progress in our workshop

Stretched canvas delivered to the show house at Sentral Green, Relau site. Ready to hung!

Just completed a framing job for my client this afternoon.  The artwork measuring 12.5 feet (height) and 5 feet ( width). We took 6 hours to get the job done.

The framing method is called `Gallery wrapped'.  A `gallery wrap' is the process of wrapping the printed canvas around a custom made stretcher frame. The image is wrapped around the frame for a clean, modern look.

We stretched the canvas print to the 1.5" four stretchers hard wood timber frame. The frame is strengthen with 6 pcs of internal timber bars support before canvas is stretched. We also made the frame stronger and more rigid with the 4mm thick plywood .

Tips : Proper canvas stretching is crucial to properly display Prints on Canvas. If the Canvas is pulled too tight it can damage the image and if it is not stretched with enough tension so the canvas art is properly taut around the stretcher bars or strips then you will see waves in the painting or bubbles where the canvas is loosely pulled.

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