Wednesday, January 22

Picture framing for Ivory Group Office @ Time Square, Penang

Beginning of the year 2014, we framed and installed posters frame for Ivory Properties Group office at Time Square, Penang.
Lesson learnt during photo frames installation: precision and accuracy is important to arrange all the frames neatly. All their current and future projects photos are now display nicely on the office wall.

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Saturday, January 18

Venetian Decor Wall Mask

How will you normally keep your decor wall mask? Hang it directly onto the wall, keep it in a box, or put it on the table for display?
We are glad to frame a few beautiful collectible Italian ceramic face masks for a client. They look gorgeous with their shinny colors and unique design.

Thursday, January 9

Sharon Kow, Coloured Pencils Artist After 40

Happy New Year 2014!

Just set up a corner in our gallery to display the beautiful colour pencil artworks from our local artist, Ms Sharon Kow! She is a self- taught artist after her 40, started to draw and in-loved with colour pencil.
Check up more of her drawings here.


"Water of Life"


Welcome to contact us if you are interested to get her drawings.
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