Sunday, December 28

Let's meet the Bugs!!

It's our 2008 Annual Dinner :) 

(from left: Lim, Khoo, me, Khor)

Saturday, December 27

Central Park Condominium, Batu Lanchang, Penang

Just complete a artwork coordination for a condominium show unit of Central Park, Batu Lanchang, Penang. The show unit is located at Gurney Tower, above corporate office of the property developer.

The arwork proposed and selected for the show unit comprised of  sepia landscape photo with silver aluminium frame for the family living area. And there is another digital altered landscaped photo, canvas triplet print for the living area. 

while, for the rooms, digital arts on canvas is selected. modern contemporary, black and white design, abstract orange and funky circles of greens.

more of ArtBug Projects can be viewed here

Wednesday, December 24

Rustic Wood Frame

install a stone carving on a rustic wood strips to create the natural and rustic feel.

Simple yet Colorful

bring some color to your interior with some simple pictures with colorful frames
to color your wall and make your days fresh!

Wedding Photo

A design for wedding photo frame, as a gift to a newly wedded couple. 

Wednesday, December 17

I fell in love with ...

David Noton photo ... here I wanted to share a few with you ... 

Buy at
Somerset Sunrise

Buy at
Anse Severe, Seychelles

Buy at
Durdle Door

Sunday, December 14

Skipton Pavilion show unit at Skipton Road near Penang Turf Club

We had just completed the artwork for Skipton Pavilion show house at Skipton Road near Penang Turf Club.  Hand painted acrylic painting on stretched canvas. Modern contemporary design to match the interior design. 

more photo can be viewed at ArtBug Service: Decor Art Coordination.

Friday, December 12

Photo Grouping on the Wall

Designed a photo grouping on the wall for a client, with contemporary black and white frame.  

Grouping of simple monochromic photo on the wall not only creates an interesting display but it introduces a distinct tasteful design to your interior.  

Friday, December 5

Penang View from a Different Angle

After we did the framed artwork installation for the owner, Khoo and I had a chance to take a view out from a balcony of Springtide Residence, Tanjong Tokong, Penang.  

The view of Penang so much different from higher angle compare to the view from ground. Seems like the development along the beach is overwhelming ...   there was once, an Italian friend told me, he misses the Penang of 60s' ... the beach was so beautiful. 

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