Saturday, March 27

Small Art Print in Shadowed Frame

A small art print is framed in a shadowed frame with a matching designed. Black and white piano keys are placed as the backdrop to match the mood of the image. Red, black and white the major color matches well with the black frame and white background.

Art print is placed floating in the frame

Sunday, March 7

Sighting of ArtBug Frame in Taiwanese Culinary Program "食尚玩家-浩角翔起"

Sighting of ArtBug Frame in Taiwanese culinary program "食尚玩家-浩角翔起 - 马来西亚 湖游".  The host of the program are Taiwanese famous artist team Hao Jiao Xiang Qi "浩角翔起".

In this series they visited Terengganu, Malaysia, introducing some interesting local food and recipe. Also, in this program they had featured the 6 star resort , Heritage Bay Resort in Pulau Duyong.  And, YES! our frames are in the resort and shown in the program!

You may view the complete program in Youtube ...

Wednesday, March 3

Modern Chinese House Design

Another art coordination completed for a client at Ashley Green, Bukit Gambir, Penang. We worked closely with the interior designer in choosing the artwork and the matching frame for each of the area in the house. 

More photo of this project can be view at

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