Wednesday, December 23

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

We had our annual dinner at G Hotel yesterday! It was a Lobster buffet dinner, we have had a great time together. The food and the ambiance. We were captivated by G Hotel trendy and hip design.

May you have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year
fill with joy and love!

Greetings from,
ArtBug Frame & Art Gallery

Thursday, November 19

Interesting Framing ...

Some framing work we've done lately for our client.

check it out!

Holiday souvenir from Greece

In order to match the Mediterranean mood, we create a shadow box design with white frame, weathered & worn looking blue wooden panel and distressed white timber louvre blades background in order to match the 3 pieces of ceramic art.

Company Sample Products

Chinese Folk Art with Nyonya style of framing.

The whole internal frames that holding the kampung glass and stitchery artwork are hand-finished and hand-distressed from recycled pine wood. The wood frames and the wooden panel were painted with darker tones so that distinctive textures could clearly seen.

Wednesday, November 11

Eastin Hotel, Penang - Mirrors and Giclee Print of Original Painting

Frist of all, would like to say we are sorry that we'd not been able to serve you better during the past few weeks, and our gallery in Nagore Road business hour had to be on appointment only. Many have called up and asked what happen.

We had been fully occupied with the project to supply artwork and mirrors for Eastin Hotel, Penang. The newly built 4 star business hotel at Queensbay, Penang. To read more about this, please visit our design team blog.

there are more photo at our website, please click here.

Hope to see you around, please do drop us a line, we would really love to hear from you!

Have a nice day ahead!

Wednesday, October 14

What colour are you?

From your cloth to your shoes, the furniture and the wall in your home, the colour you love speak for your style and your personality. Colour come to live in our different styles of contemporary canvas art print with changeable colour. We also solve your problem by making the art available at the size that you need.

Explore our canvas art at to discover your perfect combination of colour and form!!

Wednesday, October 7

Our Gallery Business Hour

Hi all, in order to provide you personal attention, our gallery located at 26 Nagore Road, Georgetown, business hour is now changed to by appointment only. Please call us at 012-500 9306 or email to info [!at] artbug [dot] biz to arrange for a meeting.

We would love to meet up with you to discuss any framing needs or home decoration requirements.

Sunday, September 27

How to Decorate Your Home with Abstract Canvas Art

Do you want to decorate your home with abstract canvas art? Whilst your choice is indeed excellent, you should know that there is more to decorating your home with abstract canvas art than just buying a piece of abstract art on canvas from a gallery. You have to make sure that your piece of art fits snugly in the room you are going to put it in.

There are a few guidelines that you should bear in mind when you decorate your home with abstract canvas art. These guidelines will ensure that you will be showcasing your art in the way it is meant to be showcased. Moreover, you will be creating a room that is beautiful to look at and pleasant to stay in.

Before You Buy Abstract Canvas Art

The first step that you should take when decorating with abstract art is to take into consideration the room itself. If you are still in the process of decorating your house, you should finish decorating first. Get your walls painted, your floors carpeted or covered with rugs and your furniture in place before you consider wall art.

The reason why you should finish decorating first before you buy abstract canvas art is because your art pieces should serve as finishing touches to the room. You would need to know what the room would look like beforehand so you would be able to get the appropriate art pieces.

What would be the appropriate art pieces for your room? It depends on which furniture pieces and other artworks will be displayed along with your abstract painting. The painting should not be larger than the furniture piece itself and should somehow create a unified look when grouped with these furniture pieces and other decorative objects you will be putting with it.

Another guideline that will help you is to hang your abstract canvas art on the focal wall of the room. The focal wall is the wall that faces the entryway of the room. In this way, anyone entering the room will be instantly drawn to the painting. It is the best way to showcase any painting, whether it is an expensive original artwork or a cheap reproduction.

Hanging Your Abstract Canvas Art

Let us say that you have already bought the abstract canvas art that you believe is right for your room. How are you supposed to hang and display it? As mentioned above, the painting you have selected should help create a unified look with the rest of the furnishings in the room. Second, you have to hang it somewhere where it can be seen easily, such as the focal wall of the room.

A third thing you need to remember is that you should not leave a lot of space between the painting and the furniture near it. Putting them close together will add to the unified look that you are trying to achieve.

Another guideline that will be helpful to you is to imagine an imaginary rectangle when you are hanging your abstract canvas art and confine your pictures within this imaginary rectangle. This is especially helpful if you have a number of small abstract canvas art pieces that you are grouping together. In this way, your wall display will appear neat, clean and pretty instead of cluttered.

Article Source:

Friday, September 11

A Place to Stay in Georgetown - Mango Tree Place

Just completed framing art decor for Mango Tree Place a gorgeous B&B in Penang...

A cozy little cottage located in the heart of Georgetown, Penang. Is a place to stay with character and lots of fun. They are located at No. 3, Jalan Phuah Hin Leong (check out the location in google map) or contact them at ...

Here are some interior photos with the framings .. or visit their website for more photo gallery.

Saturday, August 22

Framing work for interior designer

My client, Teik Ong the interior decorator and designer of Sukha Homes Design was featured in Penang Modern Home. We have been framing many art pieces, artifacts and his client's collection for many years. Some of our previous framing works are shown on their web site.

Friday, August 7

Air Asia everyone can fly.... to Bali!

Last month I have framed more than 20 number of art and craft items which my customer bought from Bali . The lastest one is a heavy sandstone. As usual, I asked what my customer had in their mind and what made them want to bring this heavy stone back from Bali? (It is very heavy!! Almost 15kg!...some of them even bought a few different design and hand carried back to Penang !) . I almost heard the same answer; CHEAP and NICE!

With the low cost airline like Air Asia, now Everyone can fly to neighbouring holiday destination like Bali and Macau without spending just like going to Kuala Lumpur!! ( The toll collection is more than the air ticket!)

Thanks Air Asia! now everyone can makan angin with very cheap air ticket ...and thanks for making me busy for the whole month!! :)

Saturday, August 1

Framing Invaluable Items

Framing with designed background / backdrop.

We design a "stage" for displaying client's collectibles in a frame. Rather than a simple plain colored background, we design the background with matching images and adding some meaningful words to it. Either it is framed as a gift to someone or for personal collections, these would be more interesting and meaningful.

Friday, July 31

Decorative Mirror with Nyonya Carving

A client brought in two long strips of Nyonya vintage carving and would like to make it into a decorative mirror. (The carving you could now see them on the top and bottom of the mirror.)

In order to get the required size of 6' x 3' we added both sides with matching 'kampong' glass (colored glaze) and framed with dark brown natural grain wood frame.

Now the mirror is displayed in their dining hall.

Monday, July 6

Huge Framed Mirror

Huge dressing mirror with decorative frame.

Please feel free to contact us if you need custom design framed mirror for you interior.

Saturday, May 16

E&O Seri Tanjung Pinang

Contemporary Asian style original painting by Ching

more photo could be viewed here 

IJM Summer Place Show unit

Canvas Art panels designed to flow with the interior color scheme and concept.

more photo could be viewed here 

Monday, April 20

Pinang Village, Sg. Pinang

We have just completed a framing project for BSK Concept Zone new show unit at Sg. Pinang, Penang.  This show unit is for the newly launched project Pinang Village.  

The show unit is designed in Modern English style. 

More photo could be viewed here

(or you may copy this link: and paste it on your browser and click GO.)

Saturday, April 18

What is FATG and GCF

A few of my regular customers wonder about our membership with Fine Art Trade Guild, UK. Here I would like to explain in brief why I need to be a GCF (Guild Commended Framer ) qualified and obtain the certification from this organization in Chinese.

关于我们:ArtBug 成为唯一获得英国 国际艺术贸易协会FATG唯一馬來西亞会员和 GCF专业装裱

成立于1910年的FATG(Fine Art Trade Guild)是当今世界上艺术品印刷、装裱、框业最权威的认证机构。 该组织对于装裱画框业界的知名企业推荐的新企业进行考核评估,给予认证并颁发资格证书。 申请FATG证书的企业,从使用的设备、选材、操作工艺、操作流程等,都要符合FATG规定的一套严格标准体系。 在国际上,只有拥有FATG证书的企业,才有资格承接博物馆级装裱业务。

Friday, April 17

A Key that worth millions!

Believe it or not, this key worth 2 millions. That's why my client, Mr. Lim is so keen to frame it! Mr. Lim just bought an old bangalow in Georgetown. He paid 2 millions to the previous owner and he was just given a key to enter this bangalow. So,  he told me it is worth 2 millions. ( Oh, I see!! )

I order to make this frame stand up. I mounted it on top of the acrylic blok. I use a brass leaf finished wood frame to match the brass colour key. Would look better with fabric background...but again my client has his budget for that.....

Anyhow, the overall presentation is OK... vintage key with modern classic frame! My client love it!

Sport Memorabilia

Sometime shadow box framing isn't anything special but the contents is pretty cool. The content  always make me thinks of other matters...
I framed a lof of sports related stuffs like golf putter, golf ball , tennis racket, ping pong racket, ..... But one of the hottest item that Malaysian love to keep in their memory is badminton racket. I noticed that most of the Malaysian's love this game, like me. History also tell us that Malaysia was once the super power house of the game. But just pity that Malaysia has not produce any world class players for quite sometime. The only good player that we have in our country currently is Lee Chong Wei.  I am sure many of us are wondering when we can have another Datuk Lee in the next Olympic in London ??? :(

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