Tuesday, April 29

Examination Again!

I am going back to the examination hall again! On 1st of June, I will sit for the CPF’test conducted by PPFA at the PMA show at Brisbane, Australia.

I have a month period to study, time passing and yet I still couldn’t find the urge and lack of `spirit’ to open my books. What is playing inside my mind is “I am busy and I have stuff to do! or I still have plenty of time to prepare; I will do it when the time comes….”

I am wondering why I don’t have the sense of panic like my high school final exam?! Am I too old to enter the examination hall again?! Am I over confident? This is not right! I could feel the nervous when I came to know that I have to study so many books for the test. So, I may have forgotten how little time is left and how much more there is to do for the test.

Aaahh…I have to sit down and start sometime, somewhere…have a cup of coffee ….I will do it this evening.

see the lazy cat!!

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