Tuesday, May 13

What happened to Malaysia artist and gallery?

I am a frame maker and I love to tour around the art gallery whenever I see one , or there is an exhibition going on, I think I will be one of the uninvited guest to visit.

It is quite common as a qualify framer, I expected to see some good framing for original painting, especially the expensive one, but what a let down. The majority of the frames are not properly done and preserve. Some were badly fitting with the width of the "gap" of the internal frame varying on each side. On the water colours where mat board was used, I found that most of matting are over cuts and hooked corners. All the mat are not acid free as well!

I dared to question some of the gallerists about these faults and got some interesting (and funny!) replies.....

1) aiya...the buyer is only interested in the art, they can change the framing if they like!
2) as an artist, the frame are secondary.
3) aiyo.....framing is so expensive la.. we have so many artworks to be framed, you know??.
4) Yes I can see the frame is damaged....we are rushing for the show... a last minute work, this kind of workmanship considered OK laa.....
5) proper framing....who care? Nobody will know!

These pictures had price tags from RM 2,000 to RM20,000 - many over RM10,000. I found it very disappointing to see such expensive original art so sloppily framed.
Are the artists or the galleries choosing the wrong framers?
Are the framers failing to sell their skills ?
Can't find any trained or experinced framers in their area?
Or the artist never feel their own work is worth for good framing?
Gallery curator who doesnt care??

Oh,...what happened to you guys???

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