Friday, April 23

The Frame that Tells a Story

A frame is not just 4 corners joint wood with a piece of glass cover. A good framing actually tells a story of the item framed or of the owner artful taste. With the right framing method, color matching, material and layout design, it is not only a frame but an artifact that last generations. 

Thursday, April 15

Where and How the Frame is Made

Saturday, April 10

Commissioned Painting for CP Group, Penang

Another project completed this week was, commissioned painting for CP Group office at Penang.

Framing of Collectibles installed for Residence at Nautilus Bay, Penang

This morning, we had just finished installing frames of our client's various collections of Chinese fans, coins and his grouping of photographs for his new home at Nautilus Bay.  It's a beautiful new residence area at Penang's premier waterfront.

Frames of Chinese collectibles: fans and coins (Chinese Zodiac)
framed chinese fan

framed Chinese fan

framed Coins of chinese zodiac

Grouping of frames on the wall (shelving are for other collectibles)
Grouping of frames of Chinese collectibles, fans and coins

Grouping of frames of Chinese collectibles, fans and coins

modern framing of photo collage
framed photo collage

framed photo collage

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