Sunday, December 28

Let's meet the Bugs!!

It's our 2008 Annual Dinner :) 

(from left: Lim, Khoo, me, Khor)

Saturday, December 27

Central Park Condominium, Batu Lanchang, Penang

Just complete a artwork coordination for a condominium show unit of Central Park, Batu Lanchang, Penang. The show unit is located at Gurney Tower, above corporate office of the property developer.

The arwork proposed and selected for the show unit comprised of  sepia landscape photo with silver aluminium frame for the family living area. And there is another digital altered landscaped photo, canvas triplet print for the living area. 

while, for the rooms, digital arts on canvas is selected. modern contemporary, black and white design, abstract orange and funky circles of greens.

more of ArtBug Projects can be viewed here

Wednesday, December 24

Rustic Wood Frame

install a stone carving on a rustic wood strips to create the natural and rustic feel.

Simple yet Colorful

bring some color to your interior with some simple pictures with colorful frames
to color your wall and make your days fresh!

Wedding Photo

A design for wedding photo frame, as a gift to a newly wedded couple. 

Wednesday, December 17

I fell in love with ...

David Noton photo ... here I wanted to share a few with you ... 

Buy at
Somerset Sunrise

Buy at
Anse Severe, Seychelles

Buy at
Durdle Door

Sunday, December 14

Skipton Pavilion show unit at Skipton Road near Penang Turf Club

We had just completed the artwork for Skipton Pavilion show house at Skipton Road near Penang Turf Club.  Hand painted acrylic painting on stretched canvas. Modern contemporary design to match the interior design. 

more photo can be viewed at ArtBug Service: Decor Art Coordination.

Friday, December 12

Photo Grouping on the Wall

Designed a photo grouping on the wall for a client, with contemporary black and white frame.  

Grouping of simple monochromic photo on the wall not only creates an interesting display but it introduces a distinct tasteful design to your interior.  

Friday, December 5

Penang View from a Different Angle

After we did the framed artwork installation for the owner, Khoo and I had a chance to take a view out from a balcony of Springtide Residence, Tanjong Tokong, Penang.  

The view of Penang so much different from higher angle compare to the view from ground. Seems like the development along the beach is overwhelming ...   there was once, an Italian friend told me, he misses the Penang of 60s' ... the beach was so beautiful. 

Tuesday, October 21

the Art of Memories

Framing done for a client, a collections of their family photos, it is about 60 over pieces. 

It is so sweet ! 

Tuesday, October 14

"Pls Framed the Bag I Carried When I was Small" .. my niece said

ha with her request, we framed her passport photo, her bag, and her anklets for her in a boxed frame.! 

Baby Photo Scrapbooking Frame

Doing some digital scrapbooking photo for a friend and help him to frame it up..  :) 

Your Photo on Notice Board at Home !

get one family photo and let us transform it for you :) 

Tuesday, October 7

Frame Maker and Designer, Khoo Eng Theng is the first Asian to qualify as a Guild Commended Framer.

Wow, Khoo is featured in Star, Sunday Metro 5th October 2008.  haha ...  the article retrieved from the Star Online ...


One of the best ways to remember a special occasion is a framed souvenir, treasured for 


memories it evokes every time we look at it.

Unfortunately, the humidity of our tropical climate can affect the contents of the frame, often making its presence known through little brown specks which eventually ruin the entire picture.

“If it is not properly framed using the correct materials and technique, it will deteriorate,” said Khoo Eng Theng.

And he should know, as he is the only Guild Commended Framer in Malaysia, an internationally-recognised qualification from the Fine Art Trade Guild in Britain.

This means Khoo possesses a thorough knowledge of the latest framing techniques, after passing some very stringent tests, including a practical.

Khoo, 38, who is from Kulim, Kedah, graduated from Universiti Sains Malaysia in 1995 after which he worked in the construction industry, specialising in the renovation of old houses.

“Clients decorating their houses kept asking me to recommend a good framer,” he explained, “and that piqued my interest. If there was such a demand out there, why not do it myself?”

With the building industry slowing down post-1997, Khoo decided to take a leap, and learnt basic framing skills from a friend. He started a small workshop in Sungei Nibong, where he was able to service friends, relatives and contractors.

However, he quickly came to the conclusion that although local craftsmen are competent enough, the techniques used were not exactly scientific. In other words, if it looked good enough, it would do. “I wanted to provide better service than that,” Khoo continued.

That’s when he decided to look further into the craft. “I realised that there was enormous potential in the business.”

As the economy grew, Malaysians were becoming increasingly serious art collectors, and artists needed fine framing to display their work to best advantage.”

Trawling the Net, he found the FATG in South West London, enrolled and started learning. However, it wasn’t easy for the Chinese-educated man. “It was a real challenge,” he grimaced. “All the books I had to read up on were in English.”

It didn’t come cheap either: the final test had to be done in Britain, so he travelled there with his artist wife, Ching Ching, who was very supportive of him.

The finals consisted of two nerve-wrecking tests: a 1½ hour paper in which he had to answer questions like, “You are given a piece of old porcelain. Explain the method that you would use to frame it, the material used, and why you chose to do it that way.”

The second was a practical where he had to frame a painting using a prescribed method, and he was marked on his knowledge, technique and workmanship.

“As it had to be done using a machine I had never seen before, they were very good about it and gave me extra time.”

The first Asian to sit for the qualification, he has done Malaysia proud.

“They were apparently very impressed with my work,” he said, grinning bashfully. Considering the handicaps he had to work with: language, unfamiliar tools and environment, and presumably jet-lag to boot, the string of resounding As and a smattering of Bs he managed was an achievement indeed.

The qualification entitles him to proudly use the words “Master Frame Maker and Designer” after his name.

However, apart from a mouthful of words for a title, what else has it given him? “I have learnt a lot from it,” he claimed.

“It’s shown me the right and wrong ways to frame, and given me the confidence to tackle more unusual projects.”

Other than old documents and photographs, fabrics, even forks and spoons, unusual treasured items that he has been asked to frame are two pairs of shoes, worn by a father and son, and a genuine Liverpool jersey that was brought in by a football fan.

Not content with one qualification, Khoo is now planning to obtain a scholarship from the US-based Professional Picture Framers’ Association in Portland, Oregon.

“Ultimately, my aim is to become a Preservation Framer, using materials like UV-filtered glass and acid-free paper which will protect against the effects of pollutants.

“This is museum-quality framing, meant to last for many generations to come,” he added.

Unfortunately, much of the material required also happens to be imported, so it can be quite expensive.

“Good local wood is also hard to come by, as they are more profitable if exported,” he lamented. He uses different woods like ramui, jelutong and even durian from Pahang, Selangor and Perak.

Not everyone will have access to Khoo’s expertise, so what should you look for when entrusting a framer with your precious mementos?

“His workshop should be clean and tidy, without food, dust or cigarette smoke lingering about the place,” he said. “View the samples on display so you have a good idea of his workmanship.”

Khoo’s studio Artbug in Nagore Road is a good example: it is neat and trendy, beautifully-crafted frames of different sizes and unique designs, some complete with cute little wooden doors, fill it wall-to-wall.

“Ask for their opinion about what you wish to frame. A good framer must also be prepared to give advice,” he added.

Khoo, now a master craftsman, felt that the consumer had the right to ask for preservation of their treasured belongings, and a frame maker’s responsibility was not just to beautify but also to protect them.

Khoo is located at Artbug at 26, Nagore Road, Penang. Tel: 04-2280 504 / 012-4706 554.


Wednesday, October 1

Framed Songket installation for Heritage Bay Resort (Kelab Teluk Warisan), Terengganu

Had been away to Pulau Duyong, Kuala Terengganu for the installation of the framed songket in Heritage Bay Resort. (Kelab Teluk Warisan) ..

It is for the 13 units of Royal Suites. Here is the facet .. though the landscape is not fully complete yet, the scenery of Sungai Terengganu and the river bank is quite eye catching.. and.. haha the sun is really HOT! ..

here are some snapshot of the interior, the designer haven't fully complete with the setup of furniture. but here you go.. some nice picture of our framing work.

after a hard day work.. here we are sitting by the stair case in front of the bungalow ... relaxing.. with soothing breeze ... phewww...

Wednesday, September 24

Hotel Framing Work In Terengganu

hooray...finally we completed the works!!

This job is a quite difficult as the size was big and heavy. Morever there is another framed SONGKET ( to be attached to the main frame. Measuring 2 metre high, using 5mm thick casting acrylic sheet and 4 inches wood moulding, the weight is 22kg each. It take us 10 days to complete these 65nos of frames.

I think I need a good rest after this job. Both my assistants, my wife and myself were rushing and worked 12 hours a day to get it done before the handling over date.

Tomorrow, we will heading to east coast for the frames installation. I have engaged 5 local carpenters there for this installation work. Hopefully, everthing would be fine after this...

To be honest, I am too tired after this job. I guess I had already run out of gas...Anyway we were having fun of doing it. CHEERS!!!

Saturday, August 9

Indian Embroidered Textiles

I always enjoy framing Indian textiles. This ethnic style of textile is rich of colors, shiny beaded, beautiful hand-embroidery and complex patchwork patterns are all distinctive features of Indian textile. With a nice design frame, these textiles always making a beautiful wall hanging decor.

Today, I just complete another frame for my customer, Shangka. He just came back from his home country, India and he bought this textile to decorate his living hall. I design a simple contemporary design to match his existing home interior stlye.

Tuesday, August 5

I take what you dump..

Today I made another frame using wood that modified from an unwanted wooden box. I collected this pine wood box from an electronic factory in Bayan Lepas.

I dismantled the wooden box and cut it into smaller size to fit in my frame. After that I applied a coat of dark stain on it. The wooden grain turn up beautifully after that. Before encasing it, I engraved some wording with my engraving knife on it. ( to descripe the miniature sandstone that my customer brought from Combodia).

See, I am not only save some money..... but also play my part on recycling ...

Thursday, July 31

A guest from Australia.

Today a friend from down under visited me again, a regular guest to Penang Island. Richard is from Adelaide.

He brought me a few lettering cut matboards by his Wizard CMC this time. The matboard with the lettering cut of ARTBUG!( my gallery name on it!) He wanted to give me an idea how a CMC could help my business if I can buy one. He still feel surprised to see how could I cut different shape of opening just with my manual cutter and a few plastic template.

Richard also brought some framing material catalogs for my reference. I understand that he just want to help me so that I could have more complete framing materials in my workshop one day. He said he is going back to check with Australia distributor like Antons and LJ if they can arrange to export their products to Malaysia! ( what can I say......Richard is so kind to share his information and very sincere offering his help....I couldnt give him a nicely cut matboard as he does as he has a better one at his workshop. So I invited him for a lunch!! and I am glad that he was enjoying our local dishes...)

Just forget to let you guys know that he is a one of the Committee Members of PICTURE FRAMERS GUILD OF AUSTRALIA. (PFGA) He is definately the best and a very hardworking committee member! He help the framer even not from his country and not belong to his chapter. ( I am a PPFA member of US and Fine Art Trade Guild of UK! )

Monday, July 21

Heritage Bay Club in GayaTravel

The latest issue of GayaTravel features Heritage Bay Club.

Heritage Bay Club, is a marina club and resort. Just newly opened in Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia. We had supplied the decorative frame of the wood carving and songket fabric for their suite.
Year 2008 is visit Terengganu Year. Terengganu is famous for its Museum which is the largest in Malaysia, and their traditional boat builders, Emerald Islands, elegance Songket fabric, Batik, intricate skills of woodcarving, and many many more. If you are interested in know more about Terengganu please visit the Tourism of Terengganu.

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