Saturday, February 28

Old Photo With New Frame!

And old family photo with typical design and in correct way of framing .... Just look at the photo, it was already sticked to the glass. 

re-framed .. with new look! And with proper framing method.

To avoid direct contact between the glass and the photo, we keep the distance between them with double layers of matting. From the photo you can see  the photo is raised up to make the presentation more interesting.

Monday, February 16

Herbalife is in Penang

Herbalife is now in Island Glades, Penang. 

We have been framing their posters and get to know their products. 
Want to know more about their proudcts? check out their website here

Monday, February 9

Customer like to say this....

For the past 10 years working as a framer. I would say that custom framing is not an easy business to run in Malaysia. Why I say? just listen to things that customers love to say,

  • `wow, so expensive one ah! the framing is cost more than my picture, you know!!!'
  • `aiya....why so expensive one...framing is just to put 4 pieces of wood easy work, you charge me so expensive meh?!'
  • `hey, boss. Dont charge me expensive huh....I want something cheap but look very big (grand) and very nice one!'
  • `can not give discount meh? Tesco and Giant also give discount this week!' 
  • `can less 30% ah? no budget for that....'
  • `glass shop at Chulia Street charge me much more cheaper you know?....I know you can do good design but I see the materials are the same one!'
  • `Never mind la....It doesn't matter what is looks like as long as it is cheap, anyhow it's just a gift'
  • `I am very kiam siap type, dont charge me high laa.....'
  • `People said you are the best in Penang, so you charge very expensive lor?'
  • `15 years ago...I did a frame before in Penang was very expensive laa.....'

Some other very funny questions...( should I laugh or cry on these??? )
  • `You just open this shop here? Why never see you one' and My answer. "Yes I did. 10 years ago".
  • `i dont want to spend more....the art will eventually sell to my clients....some more I am just another poor artist'
  • `Do you do framing? Can you frame family photo?'
  • `You really cut frames and put them together yourself? You dont look like a carpenter wor!'
  • `Does glass break ah?'
  • `Can your frame last for 100 years?'
  • `Can you recommed any other frame maker in this area?'
  • `how much you charge of doing one frame?' Come on, how do I know what kind of framing work you want me to do????????
  • `sorry huh....I dont want to do frame...justs want to check where is Cititel Hotel'
Just summarizw here....Penang customer want something BIG, NICE AND VERY CHEAP!!! :)

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