Wednesday, December 21

F1 - FormulaOne jersey in a Box Frame

Now we frame Fomula One jerseys too.

Framed Lewis Hamilton Jersey Signature

Lewis Hamilton hand-signed jersey

Framed Fernando Alonso Jersey Signature
Khoo showing off box frame of Fernando Alonso hand-signed jersey

Friday, September 30

Baba Nyonya Peranakan Chinese Porcelain Framing

Straits Chinese (Baba Nyonya) porcelain plates, framed with colors matching border and silver contemporary frame. 

Monday, September 19

ArtBug in Apartment Impiana Issue Oct - Dec 2011

Thank you Apartment Impiana for featuring us in issue Oct - Dec 2011!

please click on image to view large

Monday, September 5

Framed Hand Color Photographs Grouping on The Wall

Please click on photo for larger view

Photos are hand-colored in Photoshop. Design is custom-made for a condominium at Summer Place, Penang. 

Tuesday, August 30

Happy Feedback

A friend in Queensland, Australia, putting up the art pieces framed by us in her lovely home. We have helped to pack the frames in a solid package to ensure the frames survive the flight home. Happy to see that they are now up beautifully on the wall! Cheers! 

Monday, August 29

Framing of The Creation of Adam - Michelangelo Buonarroti

We just framed The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo Buonarroti with a Genova style gold decorative frame, the outcome turn out is marvellous!

Thursday, August 18

Frame and Art for Ivory Birch Regency at Time Square, Dato Kramat, Penang

We are proud to design the artwork for the show unit of Ivory new condominium at Time Square, Dato Kramat, Penang - Birch Regency

More photo can be viewed at:

Penang Times Square is the first new age urban centre on Penang Island in the 21st century. It is conceived to be a contemporary of the best public squares all over the world but offering an urban experience unique to its locality.

Located at Jalan Dato' Keramat, George Town, Penang.

It's development concept is based on an "urban village" in a city centre concept where it incorporates a diverse and comprehensive range of development that makes it a virtual self contained "village".

For more information on this project please visit:

Saturday, July 23

Manny Pacquiao Boxing Gloves and T-Shirt Frame

During the past few weeks, we have been busy in framing sports jersey of Manchester United and now framing boxing gloves and t-shirt of Manny Pacquiao, the world No.1 Pound for Pound Boxer. Our client, requested the background to come with design and matching style.

Please click on the photo to get a larger view.

Indian Embroidery

We have just completed framing a few pieces of delicate Indian embroidery. We attached the embroidery to the velvet base and added elegant silver leaf frames, giving it a prestige finishing. 

Please click on each picture to get a larger view. 
framing with different depth, embroidery is on the higher layer of base 

multi-frames, inner silver liner frames to highlight the embroidery

and here is the man behind the scene!

Saturday, July 2

Baby Hand and Feet Mold Shadow Box

Shadow box for baby hand and feet mold plaster casting.  

Wednesday, June 29

Vintage Photo and Collectibles Grouping on the Wall

Grouping of vintage Chinese family photo, old newspaper cutting, vintage company signage of Wan Hong Hung, to create a wall of frames full of stories. Featuring in the new showroom of Wan Hong Hung at Penang. 

And, added one more, antique Chinese wood carving for the lobby area. 

Monday, May 30

Huge 8' x 6' Art Print for Eastin Hotel, Penang

Huge 8' x 6' Art Print for Eastin Hotel, Penang

Huge 8' x 6' Art Print for Eastin Hotel, Penang

Huge 8' x 6' Art Print for Eastin Hotel, Penang

Huge artwork of 8'x6' (almost 244cm x 183cm) was printed on canvas, stretched and adding a modern silver decorative wooden frame for the wall above the escalator void in Eastin Hotel, Penang. 

Saturday, May 14

TimeOut Penang 2011/12

ArtBug Frame & Art is featured in Art and Entertainment in TimeOut Penang.

After TimeOut KL, TimeOut Malaysia, now  ... TimeOut Penang is finally here! TimeOut Penang is the ultimate guide to life in Penang, covers Hotels & Resorts, Food & Drink, Culture & Heritage, Shopping, Spas and etc. Check out more of other cities in the world on TimeOut.

Get a copy of TimeOut Penang at the newsstand today .. to guide you through the fascinating Penang!

Monday, January 31

Framing Antique Wooden Panel

Just completed the last batch of framing works before Chinese New Year. The last job we did today is for Penaga Hotel. The very nice and friendly owner, Angela has given us some of her old wooden panels to be framed up; and I believe these beautiful panels were probably originated from old house's window/door fitting or may be from the old furniture as well.

The framing is quite straight forward. As Angela didn't request us to make a shadow box like what usually we do for object or collectibles framing. Anyway, we still need to do some touching up works on the wooden panels as the edges is not only uneven but are not in the good condition. Therefore we had applied some rustic tone colour on the panel edges and re sanding them to make them fit to the frames.

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