Tuesday, March 27

Not all frames are meant to be in the same shape

A customer wanted to frame flags in triangular frame shape.
This is a new experience for us working out the trigonometric calculation to get the frames done.

Friday, March 23

Decorative Vase Framing

Framing does not always end up with flat surface or a box. It can turn up to be a decorative display in our daily life.

We mounted a 'half-vase' on clear glass, with frame and mat board, making it a beautiful artwork to display. We can have it either as an interior decoration with fresh flowers, or hang it on the garden wall. Transparent glass make the artwork blends perfectly with the wall color.

Thursday, March 22

Formula 1 Model Cars

We framed F1 Model Cars with special acrylic dome, with custom designed background.
The end product can either be hung on the wall or displayed on the table.

Model Cars queuing to be framed.. 

Alonso's Ferrari F10 Bahrain GP Model

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