Friday, April 17

Double Glazing Framed Wedding Photo

I was asked to frame a wedding photograph with the double glazing (sandwich) method again.  I wondered so many young ladies like this kind of framing lately. They said they see this kind of `framing' in bridal house and it looks trendy and modern! ( yeah...yeah...of cause I know..and it was seen in the market quite long ago...what so special??..) 

Anyway, as a responsible framer I will tell them it is not recommended as the glass will directly touching the photo, the moisture will make the photo stick to the glass eventually. In most cases, they dont really believe me and insisted the bridal house recommeded it. So, normally I will take some protective measure by encapsulating the photo first before I frame it. At least I could ensure the photo has longer life span. I am wondering why most of the bridal house in Penang never care about their customer's interest and always mislead their customers. 

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