Friday, August 7

Air Asia everyone can fly.... to Bali!

Last month I have framed more than 20 number of art and craft items which my customer bought from Bali . The lastest one is a heavy sandstone. As usual, I asked what my customer had in their mind and what made them want to bring this heavy stone back from Bali? (It is very heavy!! Almost 15kg!...some of them even bought a few different design and hand carried back to Penang !) . I almost heard the same answer; CHEAP and NICE!

With the low cost airline like Air Asia, now Everyone can fly to neighbouring holiday destination like Bali and Macau without spending just like going to Kuala Lumpur!! ( The toll collection is more than the air ticket!)

Thanks Air Asia! now everyone can makan angin with very cheap air ticket ...and thanks for making me busy for the whole month!! :)

1 comment:

nicolette said...

I'm sure you'll have fun while busy as well though. Do remember to show us the finished work.


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