Friday, September 26

Fine Art Paper Giclee Print

We are glad to announce that we have extend our business into Fine Art Paper Giclee reproduction of your precious arts! Yes, besides transferring your artworks or photos onto canvas, now we can also help to transfer them onto Fine Art archival paper.

Here are some samples we have printed for our local artists.

This is a master piece from Ms Sharon SS Kow, self-taught coloured pencil artist, who started her art carrier after her 40's. This is the portrait of her mother's hand with rosary.

Mother's Prayer
Another piece of art is from our good friend, Ms Barbara Moore, who travel all over the world on a sailing boat with her husband after their retirement. 

Brother and sister on a swing - Penang Wall Mural (Louis Gan) - color pencil painting by Barbara Moore
To know more about Fine Art Paper Giclee print, welcome to email us, or drop by our gallery for inquiry.

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