Tuesday, April 9

Artist on a sailing boat - Ms Barbara A. Moore

We are so glad to know a couple who sail all over the world!

Following a career as a fabric artist in the Gulf islands of British Columbia, Ms Barbara and her husband moved aboard their sailing vessel "Lev" in 1998. They have been sailing to fascinating destinations in the South Pacific, Australia, S.E. Asia, Japan, and now in Malaysia, studying the local cultures, customs, flora and fauna. Such locales have provided much inspiration for her watercolor painting. Barbara's woks has been exhibited in Canada, Australia, Japan and Malaysia.

We visited their boat last Sunday evening, and that was a pleasant experience. A big thank you to Barbara and her husband for their warmest hospitality.

Lets meet with Mr & Mrs Moore
Thank you for the fruits, swiss rolls and drinks in the cabin!
Little souvenirs from all over the world
Sea shell collection at one corner
Learning from uncle Moore how to operate walkie-talkie
Have fun time on the boat!
Photo with Mr & Mrs Barbara beside the "Lev" before going back home
Oh yes, never forget to share some artworks of Ms Barbara here. 
You can find her artworks in the Bombay Shop of E&O Hotel in Penang too!

Wearing Dad's Hat, Burma
Elder, Flower H'mong, Vietnam 
Venice Canal II

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