Thursday, July 31

A guest from Australia.

Today a friend from down under visited me again, a regular guest to Penang Island. Richard is from Adelaide.

He brought me a few lettering cut matboards by his Wizard CMC this time. The matboard with the lettering cut of ARTBUG!( my gallery name on it!) He wanted to give me an idea how a CMC could help my business if I can buy one. He still feel surprised to see how could I cut different shape of opening just with my manual cutter and a few plastic template.

Richard also brought some framing material catalogs for my reference. I understand that he just want to help me so that I could have more complete framing materials in my workshop one day. He said he is going back to check with Australia distributor like Antons and LJ if they can arrange to export their products to Malaysia! ( what can I say......Richard is so kind to share his information and very sincere offering his help....I couldnt give him a nicely cut matboard as he does as he has a better one at his workshop. So I invited him for a lunch!! and I am glad that he was enjoying our local dishes...)

Just forget to let you guys know that he is a one of the Committee Members of PICTURE FRAMERS GUILD OF AUSTRALIA. (PFGA) He is definately the best and a very hardworking committee member! He help the framer even not from his country and not belong to his chapter. ( I am a PPFA member of US and Fine Art Trade Guild of UK! )

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