Wednesday, September 24

Hotel Framing Work In Terengganu

hooray...finally we completed the works!!

This job is a quite difficult as the size was big and heavy. Morever there is another framed SONGKET ( to be attached to the main frame. Measuring 2 metre high, using 5mm thick casting acrylic sheet and 4 inches wood moulding, the weight is 22kg each. It take us 10 days to complete these 65nos of frames.

I think I need a good rest after this job. Both my assistants, my wife and myself were rushing and worked 12 hours a day to get it done before the handling over date.

Tomorrow, we will heading to east coast for the frames installation. I have engaged 5 local carpenters there for this installation work. Hopefully, everthing would be fine after this...

To be honest, I am too tired after this job. I guess I had already run out of gas...Anyway we were having fun of doing it. CHEERS!!!

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