Saturday, October 26

What is Art - Introduction to Impressionism

We are going to have the second session of "Living with Art" group sharing this coming November!
Our topic for this round is "Introduction to Impressionism".
- What is Impressionism?
- Who are the best known Impressionists?
- How long has it been a movement? 
- When.....
To all the art lovers, or art history lovers, come and join us in this interesting sharing!

"Living with Art" 
co-ordinates by Mr Adrian Kessler.
- Previous topic: "What is Art?" (June 2013)
- Upcoming topic: "Introduction to Impressionism"
- Date: 9 November 2013 (Saturday) 2-5pm
- Venue: Artbug Gallery - 26, Nagore Road, GeorgeTown
- Admission fee: RM20
- Refreshment provided
- Please call 04-2280504 for more information

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