Saturday, November 3

Frame Your Canvas Art

Do you normally frame your canvas arts? Or you prefer to hang it without any frame surrounding?

There are several ways to frame your canvas.
The simplest way is just directly frame it with frame wood.

Or you may canvas floater to frame your canvas. It is just a boarder around the artwork, provides the minimal frame design.

If you have a little bit more budget, you can have cotton liner surrounding the canvas prior to the frame. Liners are to canvases, same as what a mat is to a paper print. Both serve as border that provides a breathing space and guide into the artwork itself.

No glass or acrylic needed for this type of framing as we already have a protective layer varnished on the canvas surface. 

See, does it give you a different feeling after putting on the frame?  =)

Canvas print without frame
Canvas print without frame -
"The Magpie" by Claude Monet

Canvas art framed with gold border cotton liner & white color wooden frame

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