Monday, February 9

Customer like to say this....

For the past 10 years working as a framer. I would say that custom framing is not an easy business to run in Malaysia. Why I say? just listen to things that customers love to say,

  • `wow, so expensive one ah! the framing is cost more than my picture, you know!!!'
  • `aiya....why so expensive one...framing is just to put 4 pieces of wood easy work, you charge me so expensive meh?!'
  • `hey, boss. Dont charge me expensive huh....I want something cheap but look very big (grand) and very nice one!'
  • `can not give discount meh? Tesco and Giant also give discount this week!' 
  • `can less 30% ah? no budget for that....'
  • `glass shop at Chulia Street charge me much more cheaper you know?....I know you can do good design but I see the materials are the same one!'
  • `Never mind la....It doesn't matter what is looks like as long as it is cheap, anyhow it's just a gift'
  • `I am very kiam siap type, dont charge me high laa.....'
  • `People said you are the best in Penang, so you charge very expensive lor?'
  • `15 years ago...I did a frame before in Penang was very expensive laa.....'

Some other very funny questions...( should I laugh or cry on these??? )
  • `You just open this shop here? Why never see you one' and My answer. "Yes I did. 10 years ago".
  • `i dont want to spend more....the art will eventually sell to my clients....some more I am just another poor artist'
  • `Do you do framing? Can you frame family photo?'
  • `You really cut frames and put them together yourself? You dont look like a carpenter wor!'
  • `Does glass break ah?'
  • `Can your frame last for 100 years?'
  • `Can you recommed any other frame maker in this area?'
  • `how much you charge of doing one frame?' Come on, how do I know what kind of framing work you want me to do????????
  • `sorry huh....I dont want to do frame...justs want to check where is Cititel Hotel'
Just summarizw here....Penang customer want something BIG, NICE AND VERY CHEAP!!! :)

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