Saturday, November 3

First Professional Framer in Malaysia

'me' at D&J Simon and Sons test center, London

As I aware that every framer knows how to make a frame but not every one of them is able to do it nicely and frame it in a correct and proper way. So, for the pass few years, I had bought quite a lot of framing reference books from UK and US in order to upgrade my knowledge in the framing fields. After some years of hands on experience, I decided to take the challenge and I traveled to England to take the framing test at D & J Simons & Sons Ltd, London on 19 September 2007.

in the mid of testing the mat cutter before the test

enjoying making frame .. haha ..

On 15 of Okt 2007, I received a letter from Fine Art Trade Guild, London informed me that I have passed the Commended Framer test. Now I am entitled to refer myself as Eng Theng, Khoo GCF! ( Guild Commended Framer). And from now on, I am feeling more confident to consult my client how the Conservation Standard framing can preserve their artwork or collection!

For this qualification, it is all about standard and credibility. Now our customers will recognize ART BUG frame & art Gallery as a professional framer and feel confident that a qualified framer will frame and preserve their valued artwork or objects.

Hopefully, the local customers who are typically a price driven market will start looking at value as well as just the price.

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